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CALLBACKS: And You Can’t Stop Me, Independent Music James Goes Shopping in “Independent Music James Goes Shopping”, Karen Throws A Party, New Years Eve

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      1. When do we get to meet James’s girlfriend? Inquiring minds want to know. I’m imagining them criticizing everything and everyone when they get together. She probably gets some of her material from James’s angst towards things and opinions.

        1. BAH! You don’ know what a proper pairing is when one of the members is a borderline(not sure if this term fits here, but understand what I mean. :)).
          She’s an artist and her art is NSFW for sure, but… dang it I just blew my own logic didn’ I? -_-“

      1. “The Aristocrats” is a deliberately tasteless stand-up comedy joke. The joke begins with a performer going in to see a talent agent. The performer has a family act, so the talent agent says, “Let’s hear it.” The “act,” as the performer describes it, is the most vulgar and crude series of deeds imaginable, often involving sexual deviancy, scatological humor and/or violence. The appalled talent agent asks what the act is called, and the proud answer is: “The Aristocrats!”

        It is the sort of joke that, if you wanted to keep someone from telling it, you might employ a penguin cannon.

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