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  1. Well actually Dwi has a point with that surprise… of course we already saw a few interesting twists in this comic aboot characters sooo I’d say it’s forgivable. 😀

        1. Wow, nice sarcasm. You’re a regular John Stewart. Do you write your own material?

          FYI, I was not surprised; I was pointing out the absurdity of forgiving a character for exhibiting a multifaceted personality. I really shouldn’t have to explain these things.

          1. No need to get upset James we’re just having fun with the comic. Rather talk to Jackson to not give us such obvious jokes to make in comments. 🙂

  2. Well, IMJ, I was going to save it for a witty response in our repartee but since you don’t seem to be in the mood:

    Dude, since you were endowed by your creator with inalienable angry eyebrows do you get confused when people talk about angry eyebrows?

    1. I don’t know about you, but I had two gigs to play this weekend, and worked a shift on Saturday. Much as you’d like me to, I can’t spend my entire weekend at the library responding to your every comment.

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