The Once And Future Tebow

CALLBACKS: The Total Quarterback Rating, Ubiquitus Moss

The Big Game is coming up (the Biggest of Games!), and that’s the time of year that we at Sketch Comedy pretend to care about football! I’ll have a Football Friday strip for you, and then maybe we’ll just keep going with it after that, who knows.

I also wanted to call your attention to something else cool that is related to football and comics. JBabb, of, will be posting a new comic every weekday for the week of February 6th. (That’s next week.) Each new comic will be about a different commercial from the Super Bowl! JBabb usually updates his site every Monday, but I am looking forward to the daily dose of commercial-spoofing humor all week long.

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  1. Howard looks like a homeless businessman in this strip. I like it.

    Also the studio lights need to be raised up a bit to eliminate the glare off your glasses in the first panel 😛

    I too wonder what James is doing. Intrigue!

      1. I guess the question then is “James. James. WHY are you doing.”

        I assumed that turning your head deflected the reflections away from the camera, but it seems you have a very nimble crew 😉

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