CALLBACKS: Arguments II: The Gryfft Perspective, An Excuse to Draw a Mech

Guess what?

Preview thumbnail of Jackson Ferrell's guest strip for Luke Surl Comics

I’ve got a guest strip up today at! And it’s in color!

Luke Surl is an exceptionally clever cartoonist, and his comics feature fun and witty standalone gags. You should read his stuff!

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  1. Isn’t that the bully from Calvin and Hobbes?(I’m kinda surprised that they actually translated their names to “Kázmér” and “Huba” in Hungarian. That’s not always the case… like with MLP:FIM. :/)

    I never had to deal with customers back when I was working in our pizzeria, but I guess that’s a lucky thing cuz I never had the temper to hold myself back from hitting ppl with such questions. XD

    1. Oh and sorry I was away for a while. I was looking for a job, found it, got it and lost it right before I could start so… 😛

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