The Hazards Of Norway

This comic, inspired by a suggestion from my friend Dave Johnson, is a sort of tribute to the mockumentary Troll Hunter. In the film, a group of students filming an independent documentary about bear poachings begins following an enigmatic trapper, only to discover that he is a troll hunter.

Troll Hunter is not for the kids–it earns its PG-13 rating with foul Norwegian language (subtitled) and troll attacks violent and frightening enough to give the elementary school set nightmares. For an adult or responsible teenage viewer, however, the movie provides a creative and hilarious twist on the “found footage” format, deriving additional humor from its deconstruction of Norse troll mythology and the protagonists’ questionable decisions. Despite their shortcomings, though, you can’t help pulling for the overconfident student filmmakers, and the movie musters considerable intensity for its climactic scenes. It’s clever and entertaining, and I would recommend it to teens and adults who enjoy bizarre cinema.

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