Cerebus Dad: Versus Himself

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Max vs. Max is a comic by Wes Molebash about the struggles of recent divorcee Maxwell Stanton, who gets by with a little help from his friends. It is excellent, and you can read the whole thing online or in a book! My pathetic attempts at treating serious issues pale in comparison.

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  1. Why is he surprised she is not investing in the relationship if they’re divorced? There really isn’t a relationship there, is there?

    1. Well, they still might want to remain friends. That’s a relationship.

      Though from her dad’s perspective, it appears he’s the only one who does in fact want to stay friends.

    2. Not a marriage relationship, certainly, and probably not a romantic relationship either. Still, like ROBOT ARI said, some couples manage to stay friends after a divorce. Dad probably means that sort of relationship.

      “Relationship” is kind of a nebulous word.

      1. By which you mean, “Still, like ROBOT ARI said.” (Finally bothered to grab my old Gravatar.)

      2. I agree they could remain friends… I just thought calling it a relationship sounded weird. It seems to me the divorced friendship is often this kind of polite acquaintance-type neutrality. I mean, if she didn’t want to put an effort into the marriage, why would she want to put an effort into the friendship?

        Oh yeah, this is a comic.

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