Cerebus Dad: Oh Great Another Epilogue Strip

CALLBACKS: Cerebus Dad: The Call, Cerebus Dad: Internalizing Your Monologue

Good news, everyone! With some advice from astute Sketch Comedy reader Wes, and the help of a plugin called ‘fix-rss-feed‘, it would seem that we’ve got the Sketch Comedy RSS Feed working again! Feel free to help yourselves to the feed.

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    1. It is, apparently, a drawing-the-inside-of-an-elevator failure.

      FUN FACT: In the front right corner of the elevator, out of view of the camera, I am quietly crying.

      1. Just giving you a hard time. I was uncertain of her location in the last panel, as she was outside in the 2nd. It makes sense for her to be in an elevator in the last panel, but I was not that sharp.

          1. James – you really should comment more. If I was a nice person, I would apologize for being amused at your annoyance. If I was a nice person, I might not be amused at all. … I have this mental image of you angrily typing in “hovertext” while rolling your eyes and thinking, “gosh! people! gah!”

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