Tebow Deposed, Everything Ruined Forever

CALLBACKS: The Once And Future Tebow, Resomolutions III: The Soul-Searchening

(NOTE: This strip originally posted on Thursday, March 22. It has since been moved to facilitate a better reading experience through the Sketch Comedy archives.)

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled storyline about Karen’s dad to bring you football.

Before you all accuse me of throwing Evangelical Christians under the bus, let me note first that I am an Evangelical Christian myself and as prone to being part of the problem as anyone else, and second that Tim Tebow, with his humility and diligence, provides a pretty good example of how a Christian ought to be. Look at him in panel four! He is bearing with my hypothetical scenario remarkably well.

In any event, it seems likely that the Broncos will trade Tebow to the Jets in order to improve their draft picks; as of this writing, the deal is all but sealed. Even if the deal doesn’t go down, the Jaguars are also poised to pounce on the opportunity, so one way or another, Tebow will have some new opportunities in the 2012 season.

If you’d like to read up on the Tebow news a bit more, you may find these articles to be of interest:

So: there is the news! We’ll get back to Karen and her dad tomorrow.

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  1. I was not aware that that was the response from the “Evangelical Christian” community. My response so far has been, “Please go to Miami!!!!”

    1. That’s because it hasn’t been the response from the “Evangelical Christian” community. The final panel is meant to be a hypothetical parody of our knee-jerk reaction to raise a fuss about anything and everything.

      I’d have liked to see a Dolphins team helmed by Tebow too, but the trade to the Jets is a done deal at this point, and he’ll likely be playing second QB fiddle to Sanchez. Still, he should add some versatility and unorthodoxy to their offense, which will be interesting to watch.

      1. Oh I see.

        I think it’s silly to go to the Jets if he can’t be a starter. Boo. :’-( Plus, Miami has need a quarterback since Marino left.

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