Hot Tub Talk Show: Envision Skate Collective and the 2012 Pinhook Slalom Open

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From the event page on the Envision Skate Collective site:

On June 23, 2012, Envision Skate Collective will be hosting a slalom skateboard race to raise money for charity: water. Racers will be coming from all over the United States to compete in Hybrid and Tight Slalom and to earn points toward a worldwide ranking from the International Slalom Skateboarding Association (ISSA). Racer registration will begin at 8:00am, with the first rounds of double elimination competition beginning by 10:00am and continuing all day. Admission is free to the public, so grab a lawn chair and come out to Pinhook Park in South Bend, IN for some exciting head-to-head competition!

’nuff said.

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  1. *Frantically* Where is PSP kid?????


    I was actually waiting for Descartes’ snorkle to show up in one of these panels. That silly Frenchman.

  2. If I may spam a link into the comments, I’d like to add that the fundraising efforts for Charity: Water start today! Head over to to donate or find out more! $20 can provide one person with access to clean water and change their life forever, and 100% of public donations go directly to water projects (not CEO pay or “administrative expenses”).


    Thanks Jackson!

  3. I thought it might be helpful to get some more information on why people should give money to charities that support getting clean water to rural villages – it is rated highly by development economists in this article. The article doesn’t specifically mention Charity:Water, but I see that the charity is rated highly by Charity Navigator.

    1. Thanks for the links and for posting the extra info! I considered very carefully which charity project would be Envision’s main focus in these early days of the company, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by basically every aspect of the organization. They’re transparent, efficient, considerate, and effective. I could go on but this is after all just a comments box.

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