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      1. How did I never hear of this before? This is amazing. I cannot believe the library closes at 9.

  1. I’m afraid that I have a refrigerator thought about the strip (it’s the thought which occurs when you visit the refrigerator and think, “This was soo cool… But wait a moment… Didn’t the Princess have both magic rings? So, how was Shinku able to use Palladion?”).

    In this case, firstly Jackson addresses Susan. Why is he doing that if he knows that she’s deaf? Either
    1. she’s not yet deaf but goes deaf by frame 3
    2. he speaks out of habit
    3. some other reason, like Jackson breaking 4th wall and talking for the benefit of the reader, or being a huge jackass on purpose

    In frame 3 Susan attempts to use her hearing, which means that she knows the concept instinctively and perhaps does not yet realize what Jackson had done to her. I think it supports the hypothesis 1, which is going to be a bit tough on her psychologically.

    1. A reader on Google+ had his own fridge moment when he asked: “Can’t you just abracadabra her hearing back?” Without giving too much away, I think these fridge questions can shed a little light on each other, much like that light that comes on when you open the fridge.

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