Cetch Skomedy

Matt Rizkallah and Jackson Ferrell chill non-canonically in the hot tub

Sketch Comedy reader Matt Rizkallah returns to weird us out with yet another installment of his fancomic, Cetch Skomedy! This is undoubtedly my creepiest appearance in a fanwork yet. Hoo hoo, indeed.

Additionally, this marks an historic occasion, as Cetch Skomedy now has its own tag. Click the link to peruse the history of Matt Rizkallah’s absurdist comic mashups!

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  1. wow. and I thought Protrudes-From-Hand-David was creepy.

    If I were Jackson, I’d be concerned that Matt’s comics have been getting progressively creepier. 🙂 AND that Cody is now attempting to up the creepy. And we all know that Cody has a special way with words. 🙂

  2. btw, my favorite is the one where Jackson gets David’s beard, but this is a close second. I’m not sure what it says about me that I like the comics where the joke’s on Jackson…

  3. I think this needs to be regular, if not almost weekly, fancomic entry. I do have some ideas stirring for future CS. I am also attempting to make it look more like an authentic SC strip each time.

    1. A regular dose of CS would be off the handle. It would be awesome.

      I do like the repurposed-artwork-collage aspect of it, though. Don’t ever lose that magic! The magic is alive in your soul.

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