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  1. So the force of your “creative explosion” took away her voice as well as her hearing, and both permanently? Also, I knew this strip was a fourth-wall breaker, but I didn’t realise it had got to the point where a new character will take for granted that others can read her captions.

  2. WAIT A MINUTE. I just noticed this. How does Susan know what James is saying in Panel 3? He’s not looking her direction, so it’s not like she could have read his lips…

    Also just noticed: In panel 1, is Howard looking up sign language spells? Whatever he’s doing, it amuses me. 😀

    1. Susan knows mind-reading spells. She learned them at Hogwarts.

      No, actually that was just poor staging. I’ve fixed the comic now–if the old image is still showing up, hit F5 to refresh the page. Thanks for the catch!

  3. This is probably just a misconception your CHARACTER has, but most Deaf aren’t mute. Using sign language has little to do with being mute.

    Anyway, love the character! (As I love everything with the promise of meta-ness.)

    1. Thanks, Ari! Susan has never heard a human voice, as she was deafened at the moment of her inception. (I hope I get tons of hits from people searching for “Inception!”) James made an assumption, and at least in this instance, he assumed correctly. I’m sure he’ll make an incorrect one before long, just give him enough time.

      Glad you’re enjoying the metatastic meta-ness! I am too.

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