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  1. Haha, oh yeah, the door is Jackson and James’ height, if not shorter because they’re slouching. I like it.

  2. where are they? Is this a hall in your brain or where ever the sockoids come from? It looks like a museum, but I’m not sure what museum who have a GIANT picture of Dmitri. And how come the shadows are squiggly?

    I like the permanent annoyance mark on James’s forehead. I also think it’s funny that he points with food on his fork

    1. The shadows are squiggly as a stylistic decision. The Hall of Dmitri is located wherever I want–or, depending on the validity of post-structuralist or deconstructionist interpretations of the comic, wherever you want.

  3. Sockoids have a mind of their own. They bounce off infants’ feet generally one at a time. They do not mate for life.

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