Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers

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You know I love My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic, but on more than one occasion Twilight’s been the butt of a joke about her overattention to detail. In Season 2, you could count on just about any Twilight-centered episode to exaggerate her bookishness to Straw-Vulcan proportions (“Lesson Zero” or “It’s About Time”), showing an overblown obsession with thoroughness that no sane person would ever exhibit. In “Lesson Zero,” she attempts to manufacture problems just to be able to solve them! Maybe I’m oversensitive to these things as an intellectual myself, and to their credit, the writers gave her a few opportunities to put her practical intellect to work, such as when she took Pinkie Pie to mystery-solving school “MMMystery on the Friendship Express.”

This is how we express our love at Sketch Comedy: by talking smack about the things we enjoy. In kindergarten we threw rocks at girls we liked.

What did you think of Season 2 as a whole? Did you enjoy the finale? If you’re Dwight, could you even care less?

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      1. It’sall good. I was just amused by the bolded mention of Dwight’s lack of care. That rabble rouser. 😀

    1. I want to link this comment by Peter. (partly because it’s so clever, but also because P&G came up with that slogan back when we owned Jif. :))

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