It’s Cetch Skomedy Wednesday Again

Matt Rizkallah gets a second chance to make a first impression with Howard the Wizard. There is a coffee mug.

Our latest fancomic remix from Matt Rizkallah is haunted by the spectre of continuity! Long-time readers* may recall the strip in which Howard thwarted Matt’s reign of terror. It is not clear how Matt escaped from his banishment, though. Perhaps that is a story for another time, or perhaps it will remain a mystery forever.


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  1. What? I’m not the only reader! Cetch Skomedy has a rather large following! I’m sure of it!

    Or rather, when the large following show up, I can be all like, “I totally knew about Cetch Skomedy back when it wasn’t popular. pfft”

    Also, I want that mug!

    I also like how Howard looks like he’s completely ignoring Matt. Like he’s so convinced that Matt hasn’t somehow escaped Mine Craft that he’s just gonna ignore him. Matt should meet Howard in Mine Craft, since he’s back there now 🙂

      1. Oh, James! I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Also, you do know that you’re totally my favorite Sketch Comedy character, right?

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