Chainsawsuit Parody Week 1

hey guys welcome to chainsawsuit parody week

all week i will be bringing you comics in the style of chainsawsuit, kris straub’s self-described “disposable internet humor comic” every day of the week all week long. one of my favorite chainsawsuits is the one where he parodies xkcd, and i’m sure he can dish it out just as well as he can take it. warning: chainsawsuit is not recommended for audiences under 13 years of age because sometimes it is crass and vulgar

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  1. Let’s keep this weird ball rolling then, Jackson — I’ll do one of my strips in your style sometime.*

    (*This may not be too soon)

    And the this whole thing just continues until everyone has parodied everyone and we all know each other better.

    Also, I’m a Chainsawsuit reader too — his combination of perfect gags and personal typography jealousy (by me) make it interesting.

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