The Pinhook Publicity Stunt

CALLBACKS: Hot Tub Talk Show: Envision Skate Collective and the 2012 Pinhook Slalom Open

2012 Pinhook Slalom Open hosted by Envision Skate Collective
Register for the 2012 Pinhook Slalom Open

donate to charity:water through Envision Skate Collective

I’ll just be honest with you, the full extent of my skateboarding knowledge comes from playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and watching SK8 TV on Nickelodeon when I was eight. I have never been able to ollie in my life. But Envision founder Peter Metzger has cool ideas and determination to implement them, and when cool things start happening, the enthusiasm can be infectious. If you’d like to find out more about the race and possibly get involved, there are tons of buttons and graphics just above that can tell you more with just a click.

Also, in news unrelated to skateboarding, I’ll be running guest comics during the first week of July while I’m on vacation. If you’d like to do a guest strip for me, please send it to Jackson at thesketchy. Please keep ’em 900px wide or less, and suitable for ages 10 and up.

Finally, the Existential Frogs from last week were such a hit, I made up two extra bonus Existential Frog comics! You can find them in the Facebook page’s Bonus Art album.

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      1. Since you exist in Jackson’s head and since Jackson’s going, doesn’t that mean that you’re going, as well?

        1. Canonically, I only exist in the comic strip. Anything in Jackson’s head is more like blueprints or a to-do list. So, no, unless he draws the race into the strip.

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