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  1. Selin Dijon does not look like that or talk like that either.
    Where is the “don’t like” button?
    You used to throw rocks at your friend girls; now you draw monster pictures of them.
    Bad Jackson.

    1. My dear FN, you malign me! I would never do such a thing. The ugly person in the second panel is a well-known running joke from the internet, and this fancomic was created by Matt Rizkallah! I realize now that I neglected to mention so in the post above; I had assumed that regular readers were familiar enough with Cetch Skomedy to recognize its status as fan-created, but we now see what such a thing does to you and me. Truly, we are all complicit in this tragedy.

    2. HAHAHA! This comic is even funnier because of this comment. You used to throw rocks at girls, Jackson? wow. I’m totally passing judgement on you. 🙂

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