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CALLBACKS: Meet Susan: Sign Language, Independent Values

2012 Pinhook Slalom Open hosted by Envision Skate Collective
Register for the 2012 Pinhook Slalom Open

donate to charity:water through Envision Skate Collective

If you’re planning on competing in Envision Skate’s upcoming slalom event, just a reminder that tomorrow (6/13) is the last day to register. The blue button to the left will take you to the registration page, or you can find out more at the Envision website.

Also, I’d like to remind you that I’ve been invited to exhibit at the race! If you’ll be at the race, stop by my table and say hey. If you’re there primarily for the skateboarding rather than the exhibiting internet cartoonist, I could probably learn a thing or two from you. Almost all of my skateboarding knowledge comes from playing the snot out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in high school.

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    1. So now we’re shipping me and Susan, is that it? Why do people keep forgetting that I have a girlfriend?

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