Waluigi Time

CALLBACKS: Prinny Party, My Little Sketchy: Cartooning Is Magic

Personally, if Waluigi ever got his own game, I would totally play it. That or the Koopalings. On a related note, Gamervision has a list of the Ten Reasons Waluigi is Awesome; fair warning, the last one is a bit off-color, but it’s still a pretty hilarious list on the whole.

Also, the call for guest strips is still open! If you’re interested, please send your guest strip to Jackson at thesketchy by 6/28; keep ’em 900px wide or less, and suitable for ages 10 and up.

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  1. Thank you, Not Matt Rizkalllah (aka Selin Dijon), but I must have lost some savviness. I can’t remember the Surf Kansas shirt. I looked under “Search” and got “no results”. Jackson, you could have a shirt finder contest.

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