Meet RedditMeet

a comic frame in which Howard the Wizard uses RedditMeet on his smart phone

Today I bring you not only an extra comic featuring Howard, but also a new way to network socially. You may check them both out at

What is RedditMeet? The brainchild of Robert Gryfft (yes, that Robert Gryfft) and Nelson Blaha, RedditMeet is a new app for finding people near you with similar interests. By signing up and providing your Reddit username and location, you can find other nearby Redditors with a score based on the subreddit subscriptions you have in common. The information you provide is kept confidential and only shared with other RedditMeet users. It’s pretty sweet, and moreover, they commissioned me to make a comic for them! It contains wizards.

If you’re a regular Reddit user, RedditMeet can be a cool new way to meet like-minded people. Head over to and check it out!

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