Announcement: Wes Molebash’s Insert Image (and Big O Parody Week)

Did you know Wes Molebash is launching a new webcomic?

Insert Img - 'Dark Knight' preview poster

It’s called Insert Image, and it launches August 6. It stars JP and Miles, the creative team at Paper City Church (pictured above), who spend their workdays drinking coffee and commenting on pop culture and church culture. I know from his past strips You’ll Have That and Max vs. Max that Wes is a master of relatable and down-to-earth geek humor. Just from the teaser poster and introductory information on the site, it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

So I’m excited about that. I’m also excited to be back from vacation with more comics to share with you. I’ll have a new SC strip up on Friday, and then tune in next week for Big O Parody Week. That’s right: I’ll be hitting you with new hand-drawn comics every day next week, spoofing everyone’s favorite film noir mecha anime from 1999.

It’s a good time to be liking webcomics.

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