CALLBACKS: We Are All Unique, The James Is Always Right

I’m no coffee snob, but in my opinion Burger King actually has some decent coffee.

Good news! I’m back from vacation, and while I was away I created a whole pile of hand-drawn comics for you! Next week is Big O Parody Week: I’ll be updating every weekday with a new strip chronicling mine and my brother’s adventure through the entire two-volume DVD set of The Big O. The Big O is a lot of fun, but it’s also a good deal of ridiculousness and is prime for parody. The parody strips have been drawn on bristol board with brush and ink, and the original artwork will be available for purchase at the end of Big O Parody Week. I’m extremely pleased with the results and look forward to sharing them with you.

Thanks to everyone who provided a guest strip while I was on vacation (JBabb, Brian, and the Benz). Your guest comics are rad and you should feel rad.

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  1. Well, James, I’m pretty sure Starbucks came from Seattle. They might actually be Seattle’s best… not this obvious imposter.

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