I am a Purchasing Rockstar: We Mean Business

CALLBACKS: You know the drill

Here, everyone. Have some more nigh-verbatim cartoonized conversations from my workplace.

Also have a desktop. Assuming that you haven’t had it already, I mean.

The main cast of Sketch Comedy, left to right: Robert Gryfft, Rene Descartes, Howard the wizard, Ubiquitus Moss, Jackson Ferrell, Karen, Becky, Independent Music James, Teri

There are various sizes to fit your desktop available on the extras page.

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  1. Jackson is learning to raise his eyebrow like the scruffy old guy in the July 20 strip.
    Where’s the guitar? Does he take it off when he goes to the stock room?

    1. The hover strategy is pretty effective against the boss of the minecart level. Unfortunately, I don’t know any hover spells.

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