The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies

That’s right, it’s a storyline, and it features Skip from Owen Heitmann’s Basic Wage Kids. I’ve been looking forward to this one.

(Skip will actually physically show up in the next strip.) (Skip will actually physically show up later, but not in the next strip. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of Skip’s delayed appearance.)

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  1. Sorry I’ve been away from the camera (Howard and I carpooled and showed up late, halfway through that dubstep cover of ‘Over the Rainbow’), but just wanted to say this has been an awesome show, James.

    Yes, I know it wasn’t dubstep, and yes, I was just saying that to annoy you. What are friends for?

    1. Whose show did you even go to? We’re not a cover band, Gryfft. The Electric Slide was the only cover we played all night.

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