The Devastator Babies: Introducing the New Friend Spencer Sullivan

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies, The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep

Hey guys, welcome to another boring installment of my comic strip where nothing ever happens.

Beat panels!

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  1. Something did happen. Two people disappeared into the crowd.

    Those two people would be good at Assassin’s Creed. Or pretending to play Assassin’s Creed IRL.

      1. That was a joke, by the way. Although city-wide Sardines championships would not be inconsistent with the absurdist tone of this comic.

        LOL so random herp derp

        1. are these comments really from James or from Jackson who accidentally posted as James? I can’t imagine James saying “LOL so random herp derp”

          1. That was my impersonation of the average Sketch Comedy reader. Apparently it was an accurate one, because now I’m having to explain it. My subtlety is lost on you people.

          2. I thought James was just making fun of Jackson, since no one else in the comment section of Sketchy says “herp derp.”

          1. James! What did you do, spend all day at the library? Don’t you have a job to do, or music to be writing?

            Suppercut, I apologize for my character’s rudeness; he should know better than to insult the readers. Apparently I need to keep a tighter leash on him. I hope I don’t have to ban him from the comments altogether! James.

        1. No, Dwight, I don’t. These coherent and mechanically correct replies to your comments are merely the chance result of me bashing my face against the keyboard.

          1. James – I think you need a vacation. You might come back a bit nicer. It might also help take that seemingly permanent scowl off your face. How about you ask Jackson to let you and the girlfriend (who may or may not be Susan, depending on whether you ask FN or someone else) take some time off?

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