The Devastator Babies: Burning Bridges

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies, The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep, The Devastator Babies: Endorsement

Skip appears courtesy of Owen Heitmann’s Basic Wage Kids. But you knew that already.

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    1. Wow, i completely forgot i responded to the last comic. I promise i am not a spambot lol (and if i was, it’d only be the good kind!)

      1. Glad to know you’re the real deal. I actually get some pretty amusing stuff in the spam comment filter sometimes. You know: ridiculously awful, barely-intelligible translations like “I have became a member of the nourish” and “Disgrace on Google for no longer positioning this submit upper!”

  1. The only sandwiches i know how to make involve two other people, but i’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of sandwich you wanted!

  2. Great site Jackson, I especialy enjoyed the one with Josh from MRC! I sent the link on to his bosses Adam Cohen and MRC President Mark Robert Cohen. They will love it so I hope you didnt mind!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Steve. Glad you enjoyed my comics, and I’m sure the Cohens will enjoy the Josh one too. They may have seen it already–it’s been so long since I made the strip, I can’t remember if I shared it with them! 😀

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out Sketch Comedy!

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