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  1. I really enjoy the art for this webcomic. It’s very charming and cute.

    Also, Susan should NOT get her hearing back! It’s part of who she is!

    1. Thanks for the compliments on the art. I’ve been trying a few new things lately (e.g. having actual backgrounds with actual details!), so it’s good to hear that it’s looking good.

      As for Susan’s hearing, we’ll see how that turns out!

      1. It’s funny you mention that, because the backgrounds caught my eye too. I especially like the moving trees in the first panel.

    2. I agree with mystisphere. Susan should not get her hearing back. Some in the deaf community don’t even see that as a disability, plus how many deaf comic characters are out there? But, I shall wait and see. Should get your story telling muscle a good flex either way 😉

  2. Given the apology in the hovertext, I feel almost guilty for saying this, but: shouldn’t the motion blur on the trees be going the other way? Did the train suddenly go into reverse?

    1. Thanks for checking that, Owen. After taking a closer look myself, I’m pretty sure I got the direction of the motion blur right.

      But if I didn’t, then yes, the train did suddenly go in reverse.

        1. Actually what I got wrong is the side of the boxcar opening from which Susan pulls me up. I should have been on the right, Susan on the left. The trees are totally correct, though!

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