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  1. Is Susan modeled after Dorothy? Because that *completely* changes what I think about her. I’m going to have to put her in a different box now.

    Also, I imagined motion-blur trainbows coming out of the trees in the last comic.

  2. I love the annimation. She is actualy doing the sign for “no”. Way cool. BTW was Susan around before you created her and she was deafend by her creation? Or in other words was ther a pannle she existed with hearing?

    1. Thanks for the compliments on the animation, Larry! Certain signs almost require that they be animated. I probably could have gotten away with not animating the “no,” but I think it adds a nice touch. 🙂

      Susan first appeared in the first panel of this strip. If there is any panel where she can hear, it is that one. Even so, the explosion of creative energy is already destroying her hearing as I create her! I am not very good at this stuff.

        1. mmm… I don’t know about that. She kinda looks like a blob in that first panel, so I’m thinking that her auditory system wasn’t fully formed for her to hear anything.

  3. btw, I love the animation on panel 2 — the close up, looking up at Susan further emphasizes that this identity thing is a big deal to her. How you drew her eyes really communicates her concern. Even the fact that she’s half in the shade adds to the drama. And then you have frame 3 where you’re looking straight at Jackson. nice.

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