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  1. Sorry for not checking in, Jackson. I caught the lifestuffs and had to deal with that.

    In the meantime, interesting way to put tha…wait…you didn’t get this speech from “the game” did you?

    1. I just lost the Game.

      Seriously, though, Susan’s speech was largely influenced by my readings on deaf culture from and a couple conversations I had with a friend. It’s common in deaf culture not to view the condition as a disability. The sign for “disability” is actually the letters “D-A,” rather than the signs “not” + “able.” In a way, Susan formed her own perspective based on my research.

      Don’t worry about catching the lifestuffs, either. I catch ’em from time to time too. In fact, keeping the comics flowing, even when you’re away, is an important part of my lifestuffs! 😉

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