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    1. I don’t know what Susan’s doing there. Susan doesn’t know either. If she knew, maybe she could tell me, but she doesn’t. It simply hasn’t been established.

    1. Well, not quite. We’ve got one little loose end to tie up on Thursday, and then we should be ready to move on. Maybe we’ll have Gurren Lagann week or something, I dunno.

  1. Paris, France. Does the France statement have anything to do with the going out question in an earlier comic? Oh, I love these comics. They’re not blocked at school, they’re awesome and funny, and you’re a very skilled comic writer. You are the best I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thanks for all the compliments, Brennan! Glad you’re enjoying the comic. Share it with your friends at school!

      To answer your question: the France thing and the going-out thing are unrelated. France and the Moon are simply the funniest places I could think of.

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