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  1. Nice title. I remain in suspense as to the contents of the hovering text until I get to a computer later.

  2. But I doubt they’re all going to go insane and try to transform you into one of them or kill you or something. That would be awful. Therefore… it shall be so!… maybe. I really don’t know.

  3. Well, I don’t listen to anything but video game music. I don’t see how people like this trash music.

    1. Oh, wait, I know! I’ll just quit my job, quit hanging out with Karen, quit going grocery shopping, never venture out in public, stop engaging with the culture entirely and hide in my apartment like a hermit, forever.

  4. You know, I find it ironic that James likes his music, but hates everyone else’s. Hmm… clever plot device, Jackson? 😛

    1. To be fair, I hate my own music too. It’s like I’m always straining to realize this creative vision I see in my head but can only ever approximate asymptotically.

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