The Demands Of The Warehouse Guys

CALLBACKS: I am a Purchasing Rockstar: Labels and Judgments, Meanwhile Again

Long-time Sketch Comedy readers may remember Benzie Johnson from his first SC appearance, or perhaps the guest strip he did that introduced the concept of Censoring TapeĀ®.

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          1. I wouldn’t mess with someone with the capability to blow up a planet. Without Earth, there would be no The Sketchy and there would be no awesome. Unless Jackson gets a moon office…

          2. But Jackson can also blow up a planet. He can totally draw himself a doomsday cannon. And maybe Howard, if Jackson ever gives him useful spells, could probably blow up a planet too.

    1. I think you want the previous post… Unless James is a ninja, and he’s hiding. …I hope I didn’t give Jackson any ideas…

        1. I think he’s talking about the fact that I don’t appear in this comic.

          I could be a ninja, though. After all, it is 1993.

          1. Michael. Michael. Close your HTML tags when you’re done with them. Also, sometimes I am sarcastic.

            Hard to believe, I know. Even close friends are surprised to discover that I am capable of sarcasm. “James,” they say to me, “we had no idea! Are you truly able to be sarcastic?” And I say to them: “Yes. Yes, I am.”

          2. I could have sworn that it was different when I posted it. And great, now I want ninja James versus Super Howard. As Howard would say… “Jackson, make it so. I’m not even kidding.”

          3. You’re forgetting the closing tag. You need to put one of these at the end of the italicized portion: </i> .

  1. sorry, I mean’t Jackson, not James. sorry about the inconvienence. I screwed up. I should just go… *sneaks out door like a ninja*

  2. Oh now I want Jackson surviving in Minecraftia… So many good ideas, so little Jackson to make them so.

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