The Further Demands Of The Warehouse Guys

CALLBACKS: The Demands Of The Warehouse Guys, Reader Mailbag

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  1. Q*Bert mouth on jackson reminds me of sbemail88 aka ‘teddy graham memories’ aka couch patch. “It was not so long ago that I was in Strong Bad’s basement spitting Teddy Grahams all over the place. One of them got stuck to the ceiling.” pitoo! pitoo!

    1. I’m trying to find a way to merge the comments on the two strips. The comments are an important part of the Sketch Comedy experience, and I have no intention of removing them! I just have to find a way to import them to the new strip here…

  2. I just went back over Howard’s adventures in Minecraft… Now I’m thinking a story arc where Jackson and Howard get stuck in Minecraft, and they have to survive together on Hardcore mode 😀

    1. Or hey, how about a story arc where Howard sticks Jackson in Minecraft on Hardcore mode? I think there’s a lot of opportunity for dramatic tension there!

      1. Sweet revenge, eh, Howard? 😛 If only I was a good spellcaster… I could make it so… I hope I have not displeased you, sir.

      2. I believe you mean storyline. A story arc is a recurring plot thread that is revisited multiple times over the course of a narrative.

        1. James, what do you know about comic strip terms? You’re not “Independent Comicstrip James”, you’re “Independent Music James”. Though, if you were stuck in Minecraft, that would be humorous, no?

          1. It’s not just a comic strip concept; wherever there’s an episodic creative work with an extended narrative, there is the possibility of story arcs. You will find, Michael, that my expertise extends to several fields.

      3. Edited line, go! “Because now that the game’s out of full release, I set it to Creative Mode. Now you’re the immortal wizard king here.”

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