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          1. Oh, I get it now, my web blocker is preventing me from seeing the button, preventing me from giving this comic an ever-needed Like. D:

    1. Repetition isn’t inherently bad. It’s not only inevitable, but desirable: can you imagine writing a musical piece without using the same pitch or duration for each note? The result would be make even the cacophanous sonic assault that is “noise rock” sound like legitimate music. Moreover, the genuine Postmodernist knows that while “there is nothing new under the sun,” paradoxically, genuine repetition is impossible, as the second (repeated) experience of a phenomenon is necessarily new by virtue of its not being the first. The inherent novelty in every moment can be given form and structure by premeditated acts of repetition: order out of chaos.

      Repetition is only undesirable when taken to excess. Which is precisely what modern music is doing.

    1. Oh, right, not wearing any clothing on your upper torso is totally selling out. Before LMFAO, no one was ever aware of their own sexiness, and before Right Said Fred no one was ever too sexy for their shirt. Pop music was, in fact, the originator of such concepts! It is not a human thing; it is a populist thing, and I have violated all of my principles forever, the end.

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