Hot Tub Old Testament Literary Criticism Machine

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The idea for this strip was spawned from a contention by David Willis that Song of Solomon wasn’t actually written by Solomon. It got me to wondering, and I supposed I would ask someone who actually has a Master’s in such matters. Sam Fuhrman to the rescue!

Longtime readers of my comics may recognize Sam from my first webcomic, Pungirls!. Back then, I did not understand the basic anatomy of foot joints.

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    1. An excellent question, D. Sam’s signature style is to wear button-down shirts with only the top button buttoned! It is difficult to represent this if he is not wearing a shirt.

  1. Wow, two hot tub strips back-to-back. I want more “Howard in Minecraft”, I mean, he never did show us what he was doing with pistons.

  2. Speaking am to dearest Jarkum Z. Pfargtl,
    Real home run with Doug Furmin character; please for make only with him comics. Sure to place both years twice over!
    Surreally yours,
    Zebra the Great (Not Spambot #34210454314)

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