Minecraft Muesday: Titan’s Well

Let’s see what’s been happening in Baconia this week!

Minecraft: Titan's Well exterior gazebo dome

Minecraft: Titan's Well entrance arch and warning sign

Minecraft: Titan's Well torchlit interior of gazebo dome

Titan’s Well descends all the way to the bedrock.

Minecraft: Titan's Well descending spiral staircase with pool at bottom

Minecraft: Titan's Well descending spiral staircase with side exit to caves

Minecraft: Titan's Well torchlit pool at bottom of spiral staircase

Minecraft: Titan's Well ascending spiral staircase seen from bedrock level

We have plans to install a rail line to the bottom of the well from the surface: “Cactus Johnson’s Cave Tours.”

Have you been creating any cool things in Minecraft lately?

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    1. In Survival. Originally, I’d planned for the side alcoves in the well to be open to unexplored caves, but when monsters started coming through, that proved to be too dangerous. I had to put doors in between the well and the darkness. Ha!

        1. Baconia is a private server, so no can do. But if you’d like to run around and see the sights of Baconia for yourself, I can ask Matt for the worldfile and pass it along to you. Let me know if you’d like that.

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