Raiders of the Break Room Refrigerator

CALLBACKS: I am a Purchasing Rockstar: We Mean Business

I have to credit the Warehouse Guys for inspiration on this one. There really is an ancient cup of ice cream that we’re not sure who it belongs to and we’re afraid to take it.

Santa Howard, Holiday Wizard

In other news: It’s Cyber Monday, and we’ve got some original artwork and shirts on sale in the Sketch Comedy Store! Check out our selection and do some Christmas shopping for the Big O fan/armchair anarchist/midwestern surfer in your life. Or get some stuff for yourself!

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new Holiday Howard shirt available (pictured above). You can even customize it with a personalized holiday message!

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  1. The New Wizard is Gandolf on the move making his cameo appearance without Tolkein’s or Peter Jackson’s permission.

    1. That’s it. The new wizard’s name is Gandolf.

      Not Gandalf. Gandalf is a character in the book Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and its related multimedia adaptations! This is Gandolf, a completely different and original character with a different name.

      It is a FARGATE! From the makers of Findependence Day!

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