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    1. So far, so good–but I hear the world isn’t officially scheduled to end until 7:30 this evening. Because, you know, the Mayans totally had time zones. 😉

      Seriously, though, glad you’re liking the comic. I look forward to more Sketch Comedy through the rest of 2012 and beyond!

      1. Also, the loose plot threads just seem natural for a comic like this. You can have a huge story arc, and afterwards, an entirely unrelated comic (looking at you, all the various “hot tub” comics!) pops up like nothing ever happened.

  1. I agree with Michael. I don’t think you really need sweeping narratives here, unless you want them. I’m enjoying the comic as is. But as you have observed, it is Karen’s nature to kvetch, and that is well and good.

  2. Wow, the world still exists. And Jackson has a new comic that he DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT because he is a STUPID STUPIDHEAD who is STUPID.

    Consider yourself the recipient of retaliatory trolling in the name of Julian the Apostate. Or something. Like the new strip, bai zhe vhei.

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