Oh No

CALLBACKS: Born This James, If You Were Really Sorry For Party Rocking You Would Stop Party Rocking, Always A Good Time, Discontinuities 5

The joke is that James does not practice good firearms safety!

Oh hey, I have a guest strip up at Multiplex today! You should go read it.

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    1. Nope. I am a vigilante of good taste.

      And even if I did have a permit, I’m not sure exactly where I would be concealing my pistol. I seem to have generated it out of thin air with the force of my rage. This is some real quality cartooning here.

      1. I like how the Flo Rida song set you off, but for some reason you were perfectly fine with the entirety of “50 Ways to Say Goodbye!”

      2. In Jackson’s defense, I’m gonna guess that you pulled the gun from under your seat. So, it didn’t just materialize out of thin air.

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