Multiplex: The Card Game

"Snowbound" Artwork for Gordon McAlpin's Multiplex card game

You are almost certainly familiar with Gordon McAlpin (either through my numerous comics where he makes an appearance or because you came here from my Multiplex guest strip from last Thursday). Well, Gordon recently finished his first semester of grad school, and one of his final projects was to create a game. He chose to create a Multiplex card game, and he got several artists to pitch in and contribute art for some of the “movie” cards. As you can see above, I was one such artist.

The fictional movie that Gordon gave me to illustrate a still from was: “SNOWBOUND: When Henry and his workaholic dad are snowed in at an abandoned old hotel, they have to get through their differences and fend of a wacky pair of burglars.” Or, as Gordon paraphrased it: The Shining meets Home Alone.

You can see some more of the contributions over at Gordon’s Multiplex blog, “Deleted Scenes.” There’s some great stuff over there, including stills from fellow webcartoonists Wes Molebash and Angela Melick, so I encourage you to check it out.

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