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CALLBACKS: Owl City, Always A Good Time, James Doesn’t Want It, We Don’t Even Have To Try

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        1. Technically, I only said that I would listen to him, not “rate” him. But since you asked so nicely: fine, 3.5/5.

          1. I don’t play video games. I’ve got songs to write, gigs to play, I have a social life, and there’s my day job on top of that. I have better things to do with my time than rack up imaginary achievements.

          2. When I make music I like to play it with my hands, not compose it one note at a time mediated by hours of sorting and querying a database of textured cubes.

  1. I wonder what James thinks about jazz. I bet he’d love it, and there would be this whole storyline about selling all his possessions to buy jazz albums and an alto sax.

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