Introducing the New Robot: Stand and Talk

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Robert Montoya returns! We are still in Texas. I probably could have made that clearer in the actual comic.

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  1. Do you remember “full of ordinary dialogue so that viewers can fully enjoy how cute the girls are?” I think there’s a lesson right there.

        1. were you going to actually type something, Susan, or are you just giving us the opportunity to enjoy how cute you are?

      1. I just figured out how to play full version without buying a premium account. And yes, I have built awesome stuff, like arenas, challenges, teleportation devices, and, most awesome of all, a Tnt tornado, inspired by sethbling’s tnt tornado video.

  2. This strip is extremely full of win. It needs a quota increase because it’s over the limit.

    Props for the dual-reference to Wes Molebash and the former ‘Babbages’ mall store chain. And for the sign helpfully denoting the location as a Texas Mall. And for the 20 Nugs sign we all love. And for the store name that so aptly parodies Gospel Light VBS and/or Christian culture in general.

    And everything else. You just leveled up in winning.

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