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  1. I always wear a belly pack. First, although it’s typically exposed, it’s easy to defend. It is also slash-resistant, so even if I’m incapacitated it’s going to frustrate the attacker, in cases when the vallet is the target. Second, it makes people think that the carry gun is in the pack, whereas it’s not, so they focus on wrong thing (this theory is tested in the field). Jackson’s messenger bag would be ok for a laptop, I suppose, assuming everything important is actually carried on small removable storage unit.

      1. Have to be careful with them though. You remember the hip problems I gaveyself overloading one of them thangs.

  2. Cool! My two hopes are:

    1) That he spends time waxing philosophical about his purpose in life!
    2) That he turns into a truck or something!

    And again, thank you so much for the art you sent! It looks wonderful.

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