Introducing the New Robot: Robot Mart

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For once, I have nothing self-deprecating to say about my artwork for this particular strip, but check back in three months.

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    1. A rival? Seriously, on top of everything else, a robot wizard rival is the last thing I need right now. Michael, you have excellent ideas about sandwiches, but I swear to $%# Merlin if Jackson takes this suggestion I am going to learn a transformation spell and turn you into a duck.

      1. That would be an improvement.

        In the sense that ducks are delicious, and legal to eat. I’m just hungry.

        1. Jackson, I hope you’re paying attention to this. Charles wants to eat the duck that I will turn one of your faithful readers into if you get a rival wizard robot.

          Look, I’m reasonable. I don’t mind wizard robots! I’ve just got a lot on my plate right now, without worrying about automaton adversaries with magical powers. Just keep the new guy outta my hair, and everything will be fine.

          (Incidentally, none of the things on my plate are sandwiches. Maybe you can fix this.)

  1. Please, please tell me that Robot-Mart is a real store. Even if it’s not true, tell me that anyway.

  2. This is the enormous field to sow. I think of my favourite moments was when Marigold went to ROBOT STORE to buy Momo a 1:1 body to replace her previous 1:6. The big Momo’s whole personality changed with it, despite having the same software transferred, obviously. She became caustic. Because obvious! But if Jackson buys a robot girl who can only say “Chii”, that would be delightful too. Won’t happen, I’m sure.

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