Introducing the New Robot: ButlerMech 5000

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Robot Mart

My brother suggested that in the next strip, I draw myself and Ben Bernanke cranking out dollars on a printing press. But that would be cheating.


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  1. I really want the eventual robot to be the Lime-Green Slurpee Maker of Apollo.

    Also, I am becoming distracted by your and Chad’s overt lack of nose.

    1. Re: noses, it is not that we have no noses. It is that our noses’ presence takes the form of their absence.

      Or if that’s too metaphysical, just think of us as muppets.

  2. “Ooh, that’s a bit pricey. What can I get for, uh, $5.87?”
    “A Ken doll with a little paper bag over his head with ‘Robot’ Sharpied on it.”

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