Brian Russell and Jackson Ferrell are two highly distinguished gentlemen of refined characterAn IM conversation that I had yesterday with the illustrious Brian C. Russell of The Underfold fame:

Brian: Good Monday to you, sir.
Jackson: Indubitably, my good fellow.
Jackson: A good Monday to you as well!
Jackson: ::vomits monocles::
Brian: hahah
Jackson: How fare you this fine Mon–
Jackson: –hnkg–
Jackson: this fine Mon–
Jackson: –snerk–
Jackson: ahem
Jackson: ::pulls out monogrammed handkerchief::
Brian: haha
Brian: decently
Brian: and you?
Jackson: ::blows nose loudly::
Jackson: ::entire tuxedo issues from nostrils into handkerchief::
Jackson: Ah! There!
Jackson: Much better.
Jackson: Son of a bee, Brian. We are two classy gents.

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