Introducing the New Robot: Kawaii Bishoujoroid DX

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Robot Mart, Big O Parody Week: Everyone’s Favorite Sarcastic Android

You know, like Astro Boy.

Oh, anime. You are so much fun to make fun of.

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    1. “Now remember,” instructed Doctor Brandt, as we boarded the time machine, “it is imperative that you do not enjoy yourselves in any capacity during transit! Until we reach our destination, make certain that you are not having fun.”
      “Why is that?” asked Sandra, raising her hand.
      Doctor Brandt adjusted his glasses. “It attracts Time Flies.”

  1. I know! A time traveling robot that dispenses perfect sandwiches, cuts hair, can sing popular song’s from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, can make instant fake mustaches, and even has a muting module for when a certain somebody is complaining.

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