Introducing the New Robot: Action Adventure

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Long-time readers of my comics will recognize Action Robot from my short-lived comic series,

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  1. Cool! I feel embarrassed that I had not seen the action robot when he first appeared years back, but I like him in his new role as couch-bot.

    (I hope I filled out the Gravatar image thing correctly… well, I’ll see if my jpg appears when I hit Post Comment)

    1. No need to feel embarrassed, Jim. Action Robot Adventures never had its own websiteor anything–I posted the comics on a low-traffic blog that a few of my friends were keeping, back in the day.

      Looks like your Gravatar is showing up! As long as you enter the same email address, it’ll display the Gravatar associated with that email. You can enter anything you like for your name, even if it’s different from your Gravatar username.

    1. Yep! I uploaded a new set of default Sketch Comedy avatars. The site assigns them at random when people comment who don’t have a Gravatar. Yours is Todd Rogers, Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist!

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