Introducing the New Robot: You Hard Drive a Bargain

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Because Robots are Awesome

Look, Karen, you knew what you were signing up for.

Man, it hurts to link back to that comic. Why was my old artwork so horrible and bad?

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  1. I love how there’s a “mart” for everything. I want to go to Bacon-Mart.

    What does Becky’s shirt say?

        1. Selling ROMs for emulation is illegal, Michael, and such a store would be illegal! There most certainly isn’t a ROM-Mart of that nature, on the same block as my office! Where do you get such outlandish ideas?

          1. It’s only “illegal” as defined by the oppressors, you know. Change the laws and it becomes legal. And it does not even require to string Chris Dodd from the lamppost cross from the Capitol. Merely make copyright terms reasonable again – say 14 years, and voila all the ROMs are fully legal.

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